A Host of Golden Daffodils

Source: A Host of Golden Daffodils

lots of bulbs to plant for the coming spring at the château, and I thought this advice was really useful..


a quote about painting..

 «Peindre, ce n’est ni décrire, ni communiquer, ni signifier, ni exprimer:c’est une action dans le temps qui sédimente du temps sur le tableau.»

Youssef ISHAGHPOUR, MORANDI, Lumière et mémoire, farrago, Éditions Léo Scheer

I found this quote by chance today.. I’ll try and translate it :

“painting is neither describing, nor communicating, nor signifying, nor expressing; it is an action in time, which is sedimented into the canvas by time”

My translation’s probably rubbish, but god.. I think that’s such a beautiful way of describing painting (or in fact drawing, printmaking or even sculpture).

I’ve always felt this… painting/drawing etc is the physical record of gestures in time..

Why I am not Charlie

a paper bird

imagesThere is no “but” about what happened at Charlie Hebdo yesterday. Some people published some cartoons, and some other people killed them for it.  Words and pictures can be beautiful or vile, pleasing or enraging, inspiring or offensive; but they exist on a different plane from physical violence, whether you want to call that plane spirit or imagination or culture, and to meet them with violence is an offense against the spirit and imagination and culture that distinguish humans. Nothing mitigates this monstrosity. There will be time to analyze why the killers did it, time to parse their backgrounds, their ideologies, their beliefs, time for sociologists and psychologists to add to understanding. There will be explanations, and the explanations will be important, but explanations aren’t the same as excuses. Words don’t kill, they must not be met by killing, and they will not make the killers’ culpability go away.

To abhor what was done to the victims, though, is not…

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about this time last year… (my old Mum)

I was just looking through some old photos on the computer, and I found these from around this time last year.. we were still living at our old run-down house, and Mum had come to live with us after her second stroke, which had left her pretty doolally and paralysed down her right side.  I remember this evening very well.. she was bored and depressed and I tried to cheer her up by trying all the hats in the house on her, then taking her photo and showing her.  It did cheer her up for a little while, but, like a child, she bored again very easily and quickly.  Mum died on June 19th of this year (2014).