..actually, to be honest, fairly rarely.. but I print more than I paint


sea and sky etchings (etching and aquatint) 2013  Petra Martin
sea and sky etchings (etching and aquatint) 2012 Petra Martin



I’m a wife and mother from England living in France for the last 8 years.  I really should do some more artwork.. you know, that was my dream – to come to France and paint, draw, print… but somehow other stuff (life and living) gets in the way.  Plus it seems that I lost my nerve/passion/enthusiasm/confidence over the years.  I wish I was still that passionate 18 year old at Hastings College embarking on a Foundation Course in Art and Design.. EVERY DAY MAKING ART.. it was FANTASTIC!  I thought I was in heaven… Life drawing and painting, etching, screenprinting, splashing paint everywhere.. sticking huge bits of paper together and working on the floor.. getting covered in charcoal and paint.. oh, it was so wonderful!!!  I wanted nothing else in life than to do that for the rest of my days!  And then I started a Fine Art Degree in Painting at Central Saint Martins, which, however, I found not so wonderful after my Foundation Course at Hastings, and I transferred to Falmouth School of Art after a term where I started Printmaking too.  Falmouth was great, and the painting and printmaking tutors got behind me and managed to squeeze a 2:1 out of me, so next I did a Masters Degree in ‘European Fine Art’ (printmaking and installation) through Winchester School of Art where 9 months of the course was in Barcelona.. one day maybe I’ll post some of the work I did there.  Looking back I felt it was completely ‘NOT ME’, but obviously it was, since I did it, but it was fairly uncharacteristic, although interesting, and perhaps addressing the things I’ve always been concerned about, just in rather a different way…

Anyway.. fast forward through a PGCE teaching course in Manchester, teaching art in a secondary school in Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex, getting married, having kids etc, and here we are.. in France.

For the past 7 years I’ve kept up the printmaking since there’s a wonderful local authority art school in our nearest town with a small printmaking room, and a wonderfully vibrant, enthusiastic printmaking teacher.  We work to themes every year.  The etchings above are a response to the theme ‘Le Blanc’.  I know, they’re not white, but, for me, it was all about a kind of meditation on that little line on the horizon when looking out to sea from land, that in the right weather conditions becomes a line of white light dividing sea from sky.. and the fact that, living inland now, we don’t get to see the sea so much, and I miss that sense of space and possibility and peace that looking out to sea gives you.






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