a quote about painting..

 «Peindre, ce n’est ni décrire, ni communiquer, ni signifier, ni exprimer:c’est une action dans le temps qui sédimente du temps sur le tableau.»

Youssef ISHAGHPOUR, MORANDI, Lumière et mémoire, farrago, Éditions Léo Scheer

I found this quote by chance today.. I’ll try and translate it :

“painting is neither describing, nor communicating, nor signifying, nor expressing; it is an action in time, which is sedimented into the canvas by time”

My translation’s probably rubbish, but god.. I think that’s such a beautiful way of describing painting (or in fact drawing, printmaking or even sculpture).

I’ve always felt this… painting/drawing etc is the physical record of gestures in time..


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